This Is Life album cover.jpg


Pettidee, Von Won,  

Colt Slack, Lyme,

Time, Jacob Lovell  &

Rev. Joe Hamblen



Psalm, Blizz, Jas,  J-Ro,

G Nutty, Excalibar, Duality,

Toney Dabney,   Brandy Payne,

Emily Leshman, Rachel Payne,  

Ashley Potts &

Rev. Joe Hamblen



The Jokerr, Killa C, Marz,

Mr. Del, Psalm, Setfree,

Excalibar, InClyne, Lyme,

Chrischon Ellis, Time,

Emily Leshman & 

Brandy Payne


J Payne was born in SW Michigan and spent his teen years in SW Florida. Coming out of Juggalo culture into the Christian Hip-Hop community J Payne made a name for himself as Crazy J "the Demonkilla" (of Righteous Talk) from 2010 to 2013.He then

embraced his real name and started over with his 2016 release "This Is Life" followed by his 2017 release "Ride or Die" with Light Rider Music. J Payne is signed to Light Rider Music, is an affiliate of From Juggalo To Jesus Freak, and is an active church member of Three Oaks Calvary Tabernacle residing in SW Michigan.  

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